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3Dconnexion discontinued devices

The following table lists the discontinued devices from 3Dconnexion.


Product  Warranty [1]   End-of-Life [2]   Software Support [3] 

Latest Windows

driver version

CadMan3 years31-Dec-200531-Dec-20062.8.2
SpaceBall 40003 years31-Dec-200531-Dec-20062.8.2
SpaceMouse Classic3 years31-Dec-200531-Dec-20062.8.2
SpaceBall 5000 Serial3 years31-Dec-200631-Dec-20062.8.2
SpaceBall 5000 USB3 years31-Dec-200631-Dec-20093.7.22
Spacemouse Plus / Plus XT Serial3 years31-Dec-200631-Dec-20062.8.2
SpaceMouse Plus / Plus XT USB3 years31-Dec-200631-Dec-20093.7.22
SpaceTraveler2 years31-May-200831-May-20093.7.22
SpaceExplorer Serial3 years31-Mar-201031-Mar-2010-
SpacePilot3 years31-Mar-201031-Mar-20133.16.3
SpaceExplorer3 years31-May-201331-May-201610.4.3
SpacePilot Pro3 years30-Sep-201630-Sep-201910.6.3
SpaceNavigator2 years30-Sep-201830-Sep-2020Latest available
SpaceNavigator for Notebooks2 years30-Sep-201830-Sep-2020Latest available



Software and drivers for discontinued products are available in our DRIVER ARCHIVE.




[1] Warranty: number of years 3Dconnexion will honour the manufacturer hardware warranty after the product date of purchase (as new) by customers (end users).
End-of-Life: Deadline for a product to be ordered from 3Dconnexion.
Software Support: The software is tested and maintained to be compatible with the product until this deadline.