Software Adoption Development (SAD)

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Slurry Pumper
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Software Adoption Development (SAD)

Post by Slurry Pumper » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:22 am

Hey all,

I have been utilizing a space mouse ever since it was actually called a space ball. As you all know once you go Space Ball, you just don't go back. This thing makes navigation easy and there is no other way to put it. So when I need to use a software for my work, and they tell me to pound sand when it comes to supporting the space mouse, what can I do then?

I use VXelements to power the Handiscan 700 to scan surface data into a stl file which I then use in many other software platforms that support the space mouse navigation. During the actual scanning of surfaces, the Handiscan itself acts as a 3D space mouse and will allow you to fly around with all of the capabilities you could want. This only happens while scanning however. Once the scanning is done, and I need to clean up the surface data, the program forces me to be a finger contortionist with the keyboard and regular mouse. It really sucks, and I have addressed this concern with the manufacturer CREAFORM. I do scanning demonstrations for our clients, and no-one has asked yet, but that day will come when someone say; "Hey, how come you use that fancy mouse on all the other softwares, but when using the scanning software you don't?" I will have to toss CREAFORM under the bus and tell that client that CREAFORM just doesn't care about their customers and thinks that 3D navigation is not important. The guy at the help center actually told me that he has never loss a sale due to the 3D navigation techniques they require to use their software, and know one cares about my problem.

So I look to yous guys. Can you address the dudes at CREAFORM and let them know that 3D navigation isn't just an after thought and it is really simple for them to allow the use of it in their programing. CREAFORM is correct when they tell me to pound sand, they do make great scanning products, but their time is limited if they don't innovate just slightly more.

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Re: Software Adoption Development (SAD)

Post by jwick » Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:01 am

That's a cool product (the scanners). Sometimes these companies mistake the 3D mouse for competition. They are completely misinformed. I don't think you want to hold up an n pound scanner all day just to look at your data.

We certainly feel your pain navigating after the scanning is done. Unfortunately, they are far less likely to listen to us than a paying customer. Often, software companies only listen to their large/important customers. If they are trying to get into a new account, they will do whatever it takes to make the sale.

Keep in mind that the brick wall you are hitting is often put up by the people in support that you are talking to (it seems that, sometimes, ending a support call is more important than gathering information). Go around them if you can. You might find some people passionate about the quality of their product in a different part of the organization. Sometimes you communicate directly with developers on a forum (such as this forum). Good support people (like ours :)) tell us when they hear a consistent comment.

I can work with you to try to make the 3D mouse work using emulation. It won't be as good as a correctly integrated interface, but it may allow you to get some work done. I've never seen the product, but if as you say it is a Twister game with your fingers, we may be able to tell the 3D mouse driver to play along.

Can you give me a few bits of information?
1) The name of the executable (vxelements.exe?)
2) How do you use the mouse to do the various movements (pan X/Y/Zoom, Rotate X/YZ)?

You may want to start a Creaform topic here so other Creaform customers can find it.

I see they also have a booth at AU. That may be a chance to introduce the two companies. Often times, people who can make a decision attend AU.

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Re: Software Adoption Development (SAD)

Post by Bull » Tue May 29, 2018 12:44 pm

I know it is more than a year later, but Creaform just integrated the 3d mouse compatibility in their latest software release (VXelements 6.2).


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