Questions and answers about 3Dconnexion devices on Windows.

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Post by Artesiastp » Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:14 pm

In 3ds max, (and possibly maya I can't remember.) when you have a camera with auto keys and use the 3d controller, it screws up the animation on the camera.

What I'm suggesting, is to make it so this doesn't happen. It's very annoying to forget to switch to perspective before moving the camera.

Either make it so 3d control doesn't affect the camera path if something like "camera autokey" is checked.

Or, give an option to where only perspective view can be moved, if a camera view is selected it autoswitches to perspective before it moves the view.

I'm sure there are other things that could solve this as well.

Basically, if I have a complex camera animation while rendering with vray (which has to be rendered from a camera.) then I move the view and make a bunch of other changes but forgot to switch to perspective, I then have to weigh the choice to undo all my changes and camera movement, or reanimate my camera. In either case the 3d controller just cost me time rather than saving it.

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