Cross-App Functionality & Mouse Movement

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Cross-App Functionality & Mouse Movement

Post by gravanoc » Wed Apr 24, 2019 4:24 am

A while back we were talking about the mouse movement the CadMouse is capable of, and I was wondering if the devs had any user feedback, so here is some.

MouseX/why work pretty well, but I notice that to move in large increments seems reliant on breaking the movement into smaller increments with several micropauses of 5 ms or so to achieve the target. This is usually not useful without knowing where you're coming and going. MouseXTo and MouseYTo seem to not work, as they always move the cursor in small jumps until they hit the center of my two screens (possibly a complicating factor), which is where they remain.

There is a bright spot in that the MouseToNamedLocation almost always goes to the same spot, no matter what I put as a target (I put my name in between the tags). This is good because it allows me to program very complex maneuvers that save me a ton of time. The downside in that after reboots of my computer, this default location will shift, so I have to keep tabs on what it shifts by to fix my programs.

What I'm wondering is if there is anything that can help with my cross-app needs. One of my programs starts off with a CadMouse maneuver that copies material from a website down to Excel, where my VBA takes over the rest. I'm not great with VBA, which is why I don't have it setup to do all the work (which I'm pretty sure it could).

Approximately 9 out of 10 of the handoffs go smoothly once I have inserted ample pauses into the XML, but I would like it if I had a way of activating Excel with CadMouse so that I don't have to rely on a left mouse button click or tab command to accomplish it. Both of those methods seem to introduce the instability, as they aren't always recognized.


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