deployment for multiple users

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deployment for multiple users

Post by » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:55 am


I work at a college where we are exploring 3d connexion products for use with our students. I am looking for a way that we can deploy based on the student's server account rather than the individual computer. is that possible?

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Re: deployment for multiple users

Post by jwick » Thu Oct 11, 2018 7:50 am

We don't specifically support this. Although we do occasionally get requests from schools. I understand that you don't want students to have admin access to their machines.

Possibly you could get clever with symbolic links, but there are registry entries that would also have to be forwarded.

The user's settings are kept in a roaming directory, so Active Directory will take care of forwarding those to a server account.

All you have to do is install the base software on each machine. They don't need write access to anything protected (Program Files).
The software is dormant if no device is attached. If a user plugs in a device the driver will start using it. Otherwise it sits quietly idle. There is nothing more to do that plug it in.

This is what most companies do. Or there are 3Dconnexion-supported images, and non-3Dconnexion images that machines are created with.
Users generally don't have admin access on their machines.

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