TDx.TDxInput.dll for .NET 4.0

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TDx.TDxInput.dll for .NET 4.0

Post by CarlEmail » Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:37 am

I have been using the SpaceNavigator in Unity (the game engine) successfully for some time, but now that Unity is deprecating .NET 3.5 it is no longer possible to build working applications using SpaceNavigator. That is a shame.

I am using the "SpaceNavigator Driver" extension available on the Unity Asset Store. However, the problem lies not in the extension, but in the TDx.TDxInput.dll which is compiled for .NET 3.5. I have just downloaded the latest 3DWare drivers and TDx.TDxInput.dll remains .NET 3.5.

Is there any chance that 3DConnextion can provide a TDx.TDxInput.dll compiled for .Net 4.0?

All the best
Carl Emil

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Re: TDx.TDxInput.dll for .NET 4.0

Post by ngomes » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:48 am

Hi CarlEmail,

3DxInput is a deprecated interface. The driver still ships with a build to ensure older software can still operate in end-users machines but it's not intended for new development.

Recent version of the 3DxWare SDK have a .NET sample, TestSiapp. Our recommendation is to port the software to the driver's official API.

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